A Prayer For Happiness

Updated: Sep 29, 2019


We all want happiness, but we may not be sure how to ask God for it or what it really means. At one time or another, we’ve all tried to find happiness in a few ways that disappointed. Are happiness and joy the same? Does God really want us to be happy? Here is a prayer that might help answer those questions for you:

A Prayer for Happiness

Lord, I long to know and experience happiness in my life.

I guess what I really want is you, Lord, and the deep down, on-your-face, in-your-heart kind of happiness that translates into joy and contentment, no matter what. And Your Word says you love to give us that kind of joy. As a fruit of the Spirit, it’s a product of the character you build in us, and of the work you are accomplishing through us.

True happiness—true joy—is what I’m asking for, Lord. I want to experience the kind that comes from being in your presence, from seeing life with godly wisdom and your perspective, guilt-free, pure, and merciful. I’d love to know the kind of joy and happiness that raises my hands in sweet adoration of you and bows my knees in ultimate submission to your will. I want the kind of happiness that trusts you, obeys you, and follows you regardless of where that path leads.

I’m asking for the kind of happiness that makes your heart happy, the kind of “be” attitudes that translate into blessed, spirit-filled living. Only you can put that kind of joy in my heart. Only you, Lord, can paint a true smile on my face. Only you can make my joy full, complete, and lasting. Because the kind of joy you offer doesn’t just end after a day, a month, or a year. You give eternal joy that lasts forever.

That’s what I’m talking about, Lord. That’s the kind of joy and happiness I want.

In Jesus’ name,


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